Vegan Food Chicken Leg

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  • Packaging :Vacuum Pack

Key Features

Vegan Chicken Leg 7 pieces per bag
Delicious and ready to eat frozen vegetarian / vegan chicken legs, enriched with vegan protein and handmade cuisine, a taste that you never forget.

Ingredients: Soybean fiber, pleurotus ostreatus, sugar cane, sesame oil, vegetarian barbeque sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce, sugar

* No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, no artificial colors or other additives.
* Suitable for fired, baked, stewed or just heat up by microwave or boiling water.
* High nutrition, safe and tasty.
* Vegan and approved by Pingtung University of Science and Technology for eight nutrition certification.

Storage: The shelf life of unopened package is 1 year under -18 degrees C. Consumption soon after opening.

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