Brightening Milky Lotion

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 ‧ placenta and yolk contains elements such as anti-wrinkle factor, can promote skin metabolism, can be activated and repair fragile skin, improve skin dull and slow down skin aging speed, smooth skin wrinkles; MOISTURE add another plant compound ingredients, Guangrun soft skin.

‧ soft touch, easy to absorb. Breathable moisture lotion, to restore skin vitality, making skin firmer and more youthful.

‧ special ingredients: Bio White Whitening extraction plant complex, placenta extract, lecithin

◎ wrinkle cream containing 14.8% of the anti-wrinkle factor, delay skin aging speed, soft touch, fast and easy to absorb.

◎ highly breathable moisturizing lotion, natural sebum film has a similar function to prevent melanin pigmentation caused by the sun.

◎ to restore the vitality of collagen fibers and fibrous tissue elasticity of the skin, making skin firmer and more youthful.

◎ special ingredients: esterification C, Bio-white, anti-wrinkle factor, glycerin, aloe extract, cell activation hormone

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